1st draft done

I am delighted.  I have finished my 1st draft of my book.  What has been interesting is noting the process.  I had really struggled with having worked on my book for so long without making progress.  Well, if I had not done all that writing as I went, I would not have the book today.  I wrote down stories and peoples’ description of shame over the years.  If I had not done that I wouldn’t have remembered them.  If I wrote it down I had asked permission to do so.  So, it helped me.  Instead of being upset that I did it this way, I can see the process.  Another lovely example of “trusting process.”  It doesn’t always look like I want it to, and it always turns out to be for the best.

I now start the rewrite and editing.  I still have much to do, but I had a dream where I was handed the finished book.  I can see it now.  YES!!!!!!!

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  1. This is great news, Barb. I know how much and for how long you have wanted this to happen. Life was so busy for you before, you just didn’t have time to focus on it. Now you do. Hooray for you, and for trusting your process!

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