Monthly Archives: January 2010

Do you have any shame “healing” stories to share?

As I write my book I find that the personal healing stories are the most touching and the most helpful.     Because shame lives in the dark, and is fed by the ego belief that if anyone truly knew our secrets, they would reject us in some way, it is so deeply healing to share in safe places and find out that not only are we not alone, but that people will still love us.  Sharing our stories can not only heal our shame, but the shame of others.  If you have any stories about the healing of your shame that you would be willing to share in my book, please contact me.

I am writing my book

Well, after many many years, and much ado, I believe I can finally say I am truly writing my shame book.  I can’t quite say the way the final form will be, but it is happening.  I was blessed with someone who will do the computer and editing for me.  I kept getting bogged down in computer stuff.  That isn’t my forte.  So, if you have any support you can send my way, please do so.  I have specialized in healing shame for over 25 years.  If nothing else, I want a lovely form for work with my clients.  However, it may be much more than that.  They say we teach what we need to learn.  It seems I have had alot to learn about shame.  So, well, it is public now.  This is another step in my continuing on until this is complete.  So be it!!