Monthly Archives: October 2010

It has been quite awhile

Hi all.  I don’t really know how to go about keeping this up.  I forget that I have it and then I don’t know what to write.  I had let my book go for the summer and then last weekend I got to it again.  I have sort of changed what I want to do with it.  I want a “booklet” that I can give clients and to use for putting on workshops.  I have been thinking more about doing an experiential workshop re:  healing shame.  It is in my head.  I used to facilitate a lot of workshops, but not experiential.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.

One of the things that is most important in healing shame is to share in a SAFE place.  As we do this we realize that we have mucho company.  We also get to experience that what we most fear will happen if we share our shame does not happen.  The key is to have it be a safe place.  An experiential workshop would do that.  It would also help with the profound sense of isolation that comes when we feel shame.

If I believe I am not loveable, then I will spend my life being an observer, but never feeling a part of things, or deserving to be a part of things.  A well done experiential workshop could do much in healing the shame of being an observer and undeserving of more.

So, well, I got something up and running.  It really makes me think of doing the workshop, and it will be a great motivator for getting the “booklet”  complete.

I am watching the baseball playoffs.  I hope that San Francisco and Texas are the World Series contenders.