Monthly Archives: January 2011

Shame and Love

One of the things that saddens me about shame, is that, when we are in it we can’t feel love.  We go inside and the walls go up.  We feel alone and bereft of connection to self or other or God.  Shame says I am unworthy of love.

Healing our shame allows us to feel love again.  Now, that is a miracle!

My Amazing Clients

I seem to be chatty tonight.

In line with my theme of “miracles” for the year- I am profoundly grateful to all of my clients.  They are miracles.  Each of them allows me to see the parts of myself that are healing.  Each of them are unique and wonderful and perfect.

It is a miracle to me to get to do the work that I do.  Each time a client trusts me and shares I am blessed.  I will stop working the day I take that trust for granted.  To be trusted with the pain, and gain, and secrets, and lives of these wonderful men and women is a gift.  I love the work I do and the people that I work with.

Thank you for the miracle of trust that you offer me.


Theme for the year

It seemed important this year to have a theme.  I decided to make it “miracles”.  I know they are a constant, and I can get busy and not notice them.  When I think of “miracles”, I think of noticing kindnesses and expressions of love.  I want that to be my primary focus.

This morning  I was sitting and writing in my journal where I write down the miracles I notice.  I was alone at home and became aware of my wonderful animals and the love they constantly show.  The love is unconditional and never not there.

A couple of weeks ago I said “good-bye” to my sweet cat, Beethoven.  He was a light orange pile of love.  He was as gentle as a cat can be.  He’d pat my face with his paw and purr and purr.  He cleaned my golden retriever and my other cat.  I miss him.  He taught me a lot about love.  If my other cat, Simon, wanted to sit where he was, he’d just move over.  Nothing was a big deal.  In the Course in Miracles there is a lesson- In my defenselessness my safety lies.  That was Beethoven.  He was a good teacher for me.

I have a new cat.  He has this quizzical face and it makes me laugh.  To be so curious and light hearted is a miracle.  He is another gentle spirit.  I think Beethoven helped me find him.  I got him for Simon.   He was moping around without Beethoven.  It has only been a couple of days and these two are already playing.  I think that is a miracle and I am grateful to be watching them.

So, Abbie- my golden, Simon- my character cat, and Sammie- my new friend are the first entries in my “miracle” journal for the year.  That is a good place to start.

I am glad I have a theme for the year.  To notice love and kindness is good for me to do .  I hope all of you out there have a blessed year and find miracles each moment.

With love, Barb