Monthly Archives: December 2012

Our crazy world and shame

As people experience the constant sense of not doing enough or being enough the shame mounts. As it mounts the sense of being out of control and powerless mounts. As this happens we end up feeling more and more rage. Some of us act it out. Some of us act it in. Our world is getting crazier and crazier. We have to question the original premise that there is something wrong with us. We have to go to the foundation and lay a new one. If we don’t, we will destroy ourselves. Each of us needs to break down the shame and know that, whether we believe it or not, we are love. Then we need to begin to treat each of us with love. When we are tempted to judge, make others wrong, hate, fear, we need to notice and ask for another way of looking at this. We can no longer be content to do this in a sloppy way. This needs to be the most important thing we do. We can’t wait for others to do it and lay blame outside of us. There is nobody but ourselves. We have to do the work, each of us, to do everything we can to bring love into each judgment. We need to be willing to forgive all. We need to make this our most important task. We don’t need to do it perfectly. We just need to start to move in that direction. We need to extend peace to those we do not agree with, or understand, or hate, and judge. We need to do the hard work. That is all there is.
Reminder- People are either extending love or asking for it. If they are asking for it, extend it to them.