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I find myself getting mired in choices. I have learned to slow down and get quiet because in so doing I move towards the light of Peace. What I know to be true is that I simply cannot make a good choice, a Peaceful choice, when I am in turmoil. I need to wait until I am clear and sometimes that takes quite awhile but if I rush the process I regret. Shame/ego demands answers now because it believes it is right and that I need to act from that lofty place of being right and I need to act quickly. To delay allows the voice of peace which is quieter and softer to surface. As I grow older I have become clearer that the peaceful answer is always there but I often need to sit and see if the answer I believe I am getting leans me towards peace or attack. I yearn to be consistent in my waiting for the clarity of Peace. It is up to me to wait…

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My husband had a bumper sticker that said, “DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK!.” I loved that bumper sticker because I believe it was wise advice.

The willingness to ask myself the question,” WHAT IF I AM WRONG?” is essential in my quest to bring peace to my/our world.

It is easy to get boxed into a belief and never question it. What I look at is whether or not the thought I am having is bringing me peace. If I am in blame or anger or fear then my ego is running my thoughts and not love. If my ego is in charge I am not at peace.If I listen in the silence I will always hear what love is saying. I need to not believe my thoughts if they do not bring me peace. I need to not believe my thoughts if they are telling me something my God would never say.

A shame based thought never brings Peace. It is my responsibility to be conscious of my thoughts and conscious of what I am bringing to the world.

God grant me the serenity…


Barb Tonn

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