About Barb Tonn

The Off Grid Lady

Barb2All About Barb Tonn

“Being a therapist myself, I was intrigued as a client to learn the difference between counseling and coaching. What I have experienced is that Barb skillfully moves me from an appreciation of my past issues into a focused shift towards change in the present. This gentle realignment in my thinking and energy is unblocking old unhealthy patterns of being and leading to very real changes in my current life and future goals”…Carol, Colorado

Barb combines specific coaching skills and shame reducing techniques to help you discover, catch, and manifest your dreams. Her unique combination of skills include, but are not limited to: accountability, building the coaching relationship to support your change, goal setting and planning, holding the focus, intuiting, listening, asking Powerful questions, reframing, visioning, acknowledgement, dancing in the moment, specific techniques to identify and release limiting beliefs, finding the inner voice and inner champion, releasing fear, and clearing the old to make way for the new.

Barb believes that the relationship between herself and her clients is the strength that supports the change.

Additional Services:

Besides being a Dream Catcher, I help people in transition, be it thru retirement, divorce, loss, or self directed change.

Barb literally lived off grid, in a straw bale (looks like an adobe) home in the mountains of Colorado for 25 years.  They make their own electricity with wind and solar power.

Beyond that, she also has stepped outside the shoulds, “off-grid” in almost every aspect of her life, thus creating a life that is in integrity with her and her dreams and her value system. She brings this background to you, as she supports you in the life coaching relationship.

With the support of the co-active coaching relationship, she will help you find your truth and your dreams, so you can manifest a life that fits for you.

You will learn to believe and trust in the truth that all of your answers are within and you too can learn to pay attention to your “inner guide” to step into your life in alignment with your heart.

To better support you, Barb hired her own coach, as she went through the process of becoming a life coach. You can participate in changing your life and manifesting your dreams with Life Coaching Online or in person.