Good Morning

I am experimenting with writing in the am as opposed to pm.  Let me see how fresh I really am!

So, what if for this day you acted as if you were absolutely worthy and enough?  In truth you are.  So you really aren’t acting but are stepping into your truth!

What would be different if you lived your life this way?  I am going to do a brainstorm list- just see what comes out of my pen.

If I acted as if I were worthy and enough I would:

  • Feel more joy
  • Make decisions without second guessing myself
  • Feel confident and self assured
  • Feel a sense of having a place in this world
  • Feel like an adult
  • Know that I have rights
  • Look at myself with respect
  • Ask more questions and get more answers
  • Have a sense of completion
  • Trust myself and the world
  • ABSOLUTELY feel more peace
  • Give myself many choices and feel good about the choices I make
  • Give myself respect
  • Give others more respect
  • Cease arguing
  • Feel empowered
  • Look for the sweet innocence in myself and others
  • Feel more joy
  • Respect your rights
  • Feel more grounded
  • Find my purpose, trust that, and live from that
  • Smile more
  • Stop trying to prove myself and just let myself BE

That is a quick list and it feels really true.

So, the daily challenge is stay conscious of the truth:  WHETHER I BELIEVE IT OR NOT I TRULY AN WORTHY AND ENOUGH!

Have a peaceful day friends!



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