I am shifting gears for this post.  I have been reading the book:  “The Gift of Years” by Joan Chittister.  It is a wonderful book.  I am looking at this phase of my life with loving eyes.  I am eager for what lies ahead.  So, I am feeling all sweet inside about aging.  I turn 65 in August which means I go on Medicare.  I have wanted that since insurance for the self employed has been really really expensive.  So…

My husband bought a new/used motorcycle.  It is a lovely bike for traveling.  We went out for a putt on Sunday.  Within a few miles of our house this young girl is leaning out of her car yelling, “you two are so cute.  I am going to take your picture.”  She proceeded to take several pictures and drove off.  I was amazed.  Apparently we look old.  Apparently our gray hair is a sign of this.  Oh- she also was waving the peace sign at us.  Yes, we are from the 60’s and the hippy peace movement.

I cannot tell you how this amazed me.  I still feel like the young woman who did wave the peace sign in the 60’s.  How could someone see me as old?  It doesn’t matter, but I tell you, it is a surprise.

I see this as the time of life where I become the teacher.  It is the time of life where I live the wisdom I have worked so hard to collect.  I truly don’t care much about the things I used to and care very much about how to be a more forgiving, loving presence.

I had to share this because it made me laugh.  It really helped me looking at my “gift of years” and how I want to use them.


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