Another Right

Hello all-

I was just reading the book, The Gift of Years, by the author Joan Chittister.  She has a right that I love and wanted to share.  As I have mentioned, one of the ways out of shame is to know our rights and to live with them as our truth.  The right she mentioned is:  “I have the natural right to live till I die!”

That is perfect.  I am being reminded of the fact that it is up to me to live my life and to claim it as my own.  I want to live as my heart dictates.  I want to live ALL of my life in the way that fits for me- ALL the way to the end.  Living with the awareness of claiming my own life and truth has deeply enriched my life.  I have dreams and ambitions and a bucket list that is unique to me.

Since I moved to New Mexico and am not caught up in constant travel and busyness, I have been claiming dreams.  I am having so much fun and sharing joy.  I am writing and singing and acting and about to be in a triathlon.  Those fit for me.  By lifting my energy I make a different contribution to the world.  I see that as my gift back to all of you wonderful people who are part of my life.  Since we are one, it is my gift back to life to live in joy.


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