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I find myself getting mired in choices. I have learned to slow down and get quiet because in so doing I move towards the light of Peace. What I know to be true is that I simply cannot make a good choice, a Peaceful choice, when I am in turmoil. I need to wait until I am clear and sometimes that takes quite awhile but if I rush the process I regret. Shame/ego demands answers now because it believes it is right and that I need to act from that lofty place of being right and I need to act quickly. To delay allows the voice of peace which is quieter and softer to surface. As I grow older I have become clearer that the peaceful answer is always there but I often need to sit and see if the answer I believe I am getting leans me towards peace or attack. I yearn to be consistent in my waiting for the clarity of Peace. It is up to me to wait…

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Book and sunflowers


My husband had a bumper sticker that said, “DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK!.” I loved that bumper sticker because I believe it was wise advice.

The willingness to ask myself the question,” WHAT IF I AM WRONG?” is essential in my quest to bring peace to my/our world.

It is easy to get boxed into a belief and never question it. What I look at is whether or not the thought I am having is bringing me peace. If I am in blame or anger or fear then my ego is running my thoughts and not love. If my ego is in charge I am not at peace.If I listen in the silence I will always hear what love is saying. I need to not believe my thoughts if they do not bring me peace. I need to not believe my thoughts if they are telling me something my God would never say.

A shame based thought never brings Peace. It is my responsibility to be conscious of my thoughts and conscious of what I am bringing to the world.

God grant me the serenity…


Barb Tonn

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Please think about what I am writing.

We say we want PEACE but our language speaks of constant war. I will “fight against. make war on, fight you for, make you wrong so I am right” and on it goes. I “should” instead of “could” and when I don’t I feel like a failure and make war on myself. I criticize and call you “stupid” and make war on you and your beliefs if they are different than mine.

I say I want PEACE but “I MAKE YOU WRONG SO THAT I AM RIGHT” is the action I am shouting out today. It is absolutely possible to stand for something without standing against something else. I can choose a preference. I can cast a vote for. I can speak my opinion and my personal truth and call it “My opinion and my truth” without making you and your opinion wrong and make war against you.

My heart hurts for all the hate I hear. We war on each other with our words and our judgements. It doesn’t have to be this way. I can stand like Gandhi and speak my truth in absolute peace. I can look in your eyes, the eyes of the One Love, and stand for what I believe in and still love you as a brother or sister of a Loving God. Our opinions, our differences do not need to make a war.

We can practice looking into eyes, seeing only the One love and allowing each of us to be different in our beliefs and the same in our hearts.

Barb Tonn

Author of “Shine the Light of Truth on Shame: Daily Reflections.”

Book and sunflowers

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Shame and rage

In my book I talk often about rage coming directly from shame. If it is destructive to self, property, or others, it is rage, not anger. It can be covert or overt. Covert rage takes place in a persons’ thoughts. Overt rage takes place in a persons’ actions.

I look at the world and hear the news and know that our world is mired in shame. When a person feels shame they feel powerless, less than and out of control. At this point rage takes over. I truly believe that the mass shootings, the wars, the abuse and the suicide increase stems directly from the shame in the world. If I feel less than, unlovable, worthless, undeserving, fraudulent and/or many of the other words that describe shame, I will act out in some way. The feeling of shame is untenable. I will not be able to deal with the pain of isolation until I deal with the shame directly.

There is not a common language for shame. People can cycle in it their entire life and not know what to call it or how to stop it. In that cycle the behavior and thinking is self defeating.

In my book I talk about shame, rage, the self-defeating behavior, the pain of shame. It is not an easy book to read and the healing of shame is not an easy process. However, there are tools, there is help and there is hope.

My book is called, “Shine the Light of Truth on Shame: Daily Reflections.” I wrote 365 days of healing interventions on shame. I believe it is the gentlest yet most effective way to intervene on shame. We do a bit of work each day. We learn tools and how to use them. We develop a language for shame. The book is all about solutions for healing shame. It was a very difficult book to write. It represents my 30 plus years as a therapist who specialized in healing shame. I have used all of the tools in my own personal work and the work with my clients. They are tried and true.

My book is on Amazon.

Barb Tonn

Shame is an Interference

One of my wise friends calls shame, “the biggest interference on the planet at this time.”

What does it interfere with?

  • Knowing that the true essence of each person is love.
  • Forgiving ourselves for our mistakes.
  • Forgiving others for their mistakes.
  • Extending love.
  • Living in a peaceful space with self and others.
  • Knowing and honoring our personal rights and other peoples’ rights.
  • Living in the NOW.
  • Taking responsibility for our choices.
  • Basic trust.
  • Compassion toward self and others.
  • Accepting self and being good enough as we are.
  • Valuing our relationships.
  • Kindness.
  • Honesty.

Shame interferes with what is good and with what moves us in the direction of healing.

If we experience what feels like interference in our lives, we might want to be curious which inner voice we are listening to. Is it the voice of shame or the voice of love?

What now!

I ask myself the question: What now? I check in with my inner wise woman, Maude. What I hear is that I get to rest until September and by that point I will have some clarity. I can do that. Writing and publishing my book has been such a consuming process. I deserve rest. So, I sing in my 2 choirs and I walk my dog, and I have great fun. Then I nap! I like the freedom I have now that I am not meeting deadlines each day. Guess I am pretty proud of myself. Anyway, my book is selling and I am pleased.

Happy Summer everyone!


It is done!!

Hi to you who have been following this amazing process.  I just wanted you to know that on Friday the 8th of April I completed the last of my 365 daily entries for my book. Yes- I did!!!

I gave myself a week off and now am going to do the last of what I need to do, including finding an editor.  I now know, for sure, that my book will be out in 2016.  I cannot tell you how good this feels.  It is a huge relief and a burden off my shoulders!  This past week when I did not need to write about shame I felt a lightness in my energy that I know came from not writing and thinking about shame each and every day.

If you know any editors or people who could help me get this formatted so that I can get it uploaded, please let me know.

Thank you for the words of encouragement.

With love and profound gratitude!





So, we have trouble trusting? We don’t know how to trust self or others? Sounds like shame is running the show.


A very wise young man who is on a healing path out of shame said, “ the “T” word”. I didn’t know what he was referencing. We had been talking about trust. He was seeing how shame had impacted him and had interfered deeply with his ability to Trust. At this point in his healing he wasn’t even saying, “trust”. He was saying, “the T word.”


The statement captured how difficult it is to begin to trust when we have shame at our core. Most of us with shame have been betrayed by someone we had every right to believe we could trust. We turn that on self and feel like there must be something wrong with self, or the person would not have betrayed us. So our shame gets locked around a “betrayal bind.”


Repairing that betrayal bind requires learning to trust again. It can be terrifying. We take baby steps and we learn to build trust with trustworthy people. We learn how to take care of self so we are not so vulnerable to other people and their bad actions. We learn we are loveable and worthy. We start to trust our self and then learn to trust others. It is a process that helps move us out of the isolation and self- loathing. It is worth taking the risks, baby step by baby step.


Reminder: We move from the “T” word to Trust in self and then others. We learn to live in the world of people and relationships.

Time to start again

I am a life coach.  What I know works for me is to have some accountability.  So, I am holding myself accountable.  I have now been in the play.  We did it and it was amazing!!!  I learned about working in a team and coming to terms with my ego/shame.  I can memorize and that is lovely to know.  I had so much fun and worked so hard.  I did work on my book much at all.  That is fine.  I only have so much energy.  However, it is time to start again.

Tomorrow I will start working on my book again.  The flow had really started before I got so deep in rehearsals.  So, I will pick up that thread and get this book done!  My goal is to have it published next year.  I will have the first draft ready for editing by the end of this year.

I will keep you in the loop via this blog.  Just know that when I say I will do something, I do it!

Rock and roll!!!


I turn 65 in an hour.  I feel like staying up late and welcoming it in.  I feel like sharing this.  I feel like claiming what comes next.  I feel excited.

I have reached a place in my life where I experience contentment.  I have few regrets.  I can see that my experiences, no matter how painful have served me and brought great healing.  I have learned to forgive.  I have learned to take responsibility as opposed to blaming others for my problems and dissatisfactions.  I have learned to care less about what others think of me and this has led to profound freedom.  I have learned to appreciate my way of being in the world and not apologize for myself.  I have let myself take risks and experience many new things.  I laugh a lot and that is such a gift.  I have a personal connection to love.  I have hope.  I feel peaceful more and more.  I can see the heart in people more often and look past the unkindnesses.  I think I could keep this up for hours.

What next?  What am I claiming and welcoming in?

More creativity

More risk

More laughter

More kindness to self and other

More sharing on a soul level

More sweetness (Seeing it in others and myself)

More fun

More God

More love

More peace

I have a few bucket list items.  The big one is swimming with sea turtles.  They just amaze me.  I want to take more risks.  That would be letting myself do things like publish my book, and do more acting, and publish my poems, and teach more.  It would be only doing things I will enjoy and that bring me peace.  No more “should” in anything.

I think I will like myself more and more which will help me like others more and more.

I will be gentler with you and me.  I will walk softer.

Peace will be the mainstay of my life.

I like this.

It is less than an hour now until I turn 65.  I wish I could hear my mom and dad claim their disbelief that they have a daughter who is 65.  Well, I will claim it for them.  I am the daughter and I can’t believe I am turning 65.  I like it.  I earned it.  I am good with it.

Thank you to each and every person who has been a part of my life.  You have enriched my experience and blessed me in countless ways.  I am grateful to you all.

I am going to sit with my God now and rest as the illusion of a clock chimes in my 65th birthday!