Change “one” thought

Ahhh- sometimes it can seem like so much or too much, as we really go solidly into a healing process.  So, it helps to pick “one” thing to focus on.  Changing just our thoughts won’t be the total process of healing shame, but it is part of the process.

Sometimes when I am writing my “morning pages”- a term from Julia Cameron’s Book, “The Artist’s Way”, I will stumble onto a thought that totally amazes me.  I realize it is my thought and I become very aware it is a thought I DO NOT want to carry around anymore.  For instance, a thought I realized I did not want was how I subtly (or not so subtly) want my husband to do certain things to show he loves me.  ACK- even as I write it I cringe.  So, the new thought is:  “What if, the way he is and shows he loves me is absolutely perfect- now- and always!”  It completely shifts the energy.  Now I notice all the ways he shows he cares and loves me as opposed to looking for the certain ways I designated the way I wanted things to be.

Changing that thought feels so good and peaceful.  It is between myself and me (well, except for all who read this blog!)  I look for ways to create more peace in my life.  This is clearly one way.


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