Choose Again

In the 12 Step community there is a slogan called KISS- Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

In healing shame we are dealing with a multidimensional sense of self that can feel anything but simple to heal.  However, there is a step it is necessary to take which is Simple.

Whenever we hear the voice of shame in our head we are listening to the Voice of Shame as our teacher.  That teacher is familiar, mean, teaches a curriculum that is not true, and will never change.  I can notice and stop and choose another teacher.

The other teacher is the Teacher of Kindness and Love.  This teacher is much quieter.  This teacher teaches how to love.  This teacher knows the essence of self is innocent and pure.  This teacher will never change.  This teacher is about forgiveness.

I, personally, want to learn from the Teacher of Love.  I want to learn how to be kind to myself and kind to you.  I want to learn how to live in peace.  What I know is that it is one or the other.  I either listen to the Teacher of Shame or the Teacher of Love.

I may have to “choose again” a million times a day.  However, it is a step in the direction I want to go, each time I do it.  Works for me.

Choose again.

Choose the Teacher of Love.


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