Develop an Inner Guide- Maude

One thing we all have is “Inner Wisdom.”  It lives in the quiet center of our heart.  I have come to believe that when it comes to healing shame it can be extrIMG_0536emely helpful, if not mandatory, to develop this part of self in order to heal.

I have done several things over the years to develop this part of myself.  I will share one here today.  I have an inner wise woman.  I can sit in quiet and imagine talking to a very old, very wise woman.  I can bring questions to her and receive answers.  I sometimes sit with her and just communicate with her in the silence.  Sometimes I grab some paper and a pen and have a dialogue with her on paper.  The more I have done this, the easier it is to remember to do it and to experience her answers.

Back when I turned 50 I was given a doll.  She was this amazing old woman.  I named her, Maude.  Now I had an image and a name for my inner wisdom.  Now when I want to connect with that part of myself I picture Maude.  This is a picture of her.

She is amazing and she really represents inner wisdom.  Sometimes she says things to me which are so different than my more unconscious self would say.  I know it is coming from a different part of me.

So, if you consciously work on developing your inner wisdom, you can do it without a visual of your inner wisdom or with one.  Over the years I have had people share with me many interesting representations of their inner wisdom

By the way, when my book comes out you will see that it is co-authored by Maude.  She has some very interesting additions to my writing.   She sometimes says the hard and bold things!

Have fun developing your inner wisdom.  It can help so much in healing shame.

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  1. I love it Barb. I see Maude through your life in many ways. My inner wisdom girl flies the universes and she too is a hoot! Can’t wait to “hear” Maude in your book. You Go Girl!!

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