Do It- Be Vulnerable-Get to the other side!!!

Ok- So this is actually happening.

All of my life I have been told I could not sing.  It always confused me because I sang so well in cars or when my dog and I were hanging out.  I have always loved singing.

So, recently I took a challenge.  There is a woman in Albuquerque who teaches singing.  Once a year she takes 12 people and works with them on singing.  Only, we only work for 5- 2 hour- blocks.  Yup- 10 hours together.  That is for 12 people.  You do the math.  At the end of this each person performs 2 solos in front of a live audience of at least 120 people.  The performance is called, “Pyromaniac cafe”.  It is a fire walk.

I took the challenge.  I want to sing.  I am sick to death of my shame telling me I will make a fool out of myself.  As if that matters.  I am beyond caring what my perfectionism demands of me.  I want to sing.  I don’t need a record contract or to go on American Idol.  I just want to get past the point where I am self conscious of my singing.  I want to belt out a Christmas carol and have fun.

So, I am one rehearsal away from the performance and it has been a kick-a__ experience.  I have felt sick to my stomach, cried, thought of quitting, felt so sad, and been excited beyond excitement.  I am doing this.  I am going to walk through my vulnerability, letting myself be mediocre, and having fun.

I have truly had enough of this shame getting in the way of me doing things I want to do.  I have faced many of these in my life, and this is by far the scariest.  Maybe because it is so public.  Maybe because it covers my joy.  But- I am doing it.

On the Ides of March, in Albuquerque, I am performing at the Pyromaniac cafe with 11 other brave women.  Just wanted you to know!


  1. Way to Go Barb! I’d love to be there to hear you sing and I know it is fabulous already! It is wonderful that you are truly standing in the light of your truth, erasing totally the lie of shame…YaY. Tia

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