Do you want Peace?

There is a lesson in  “A Course In Miracles” which says:

“I want the Peace of God

The Peace of God is everything I want

The Peace of God is my one goal, the aim of all my living here, the end I seek

My Purpose and My Function and My Life

While I abide where I am not at home.”

It goes on to say that:” to say these words means nothing, to mean these words means everything.”

I am one of those people who says that I want peace, more than anything.  Yet, when I make others wrong, or fight for my opinion, or grump my way through a day, or think horrible things about a driver, or other person, and on and on and on…   I am not truly living my words.

I am striving to think peaceful, loving thoughts about myself and others.  It doesn’t make me a bad person when I fall short of this goal, but it gives a direction to my life that I want to move in.  If the word God is not what you want, then take it out and say, “I want Peace.”  To live in this way is different than living in shame.  It makes our world less about shame and more about love.  I can only do what I can do, but I am responsible for what I think and how I behave.  I so want peace.


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