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Life Coaching Online … Dare to Dream

Barb TonnAnd Transform Your World

Barb Tonn has helped me develop and launch a new business, tackle difficult personal and financial issues, and discover the freedom to express myself. Working with Barb gives me the tools to discover and explore the passions in my life and map out a plan to achieve my dreams….Brenda, Mpls, Minn.

Barbara Tonn, MA  is a Dream Catcher!

Barb has spent the last 30+  years as a psychotherapist; specializing in helping people step out of shame, out of their “should’s” and into their dreams. She became a life coach and developed an online practice in 2007.

As a Life Coach she has helped many. She will support you in daring to dream and manifesting your dreams.

  • Find your dreams
  • Claim your dreams
  • Live your dreams

Email Barb at: barbstonn@gmail.com for a free 1/2 hour consultation.

Barb, who conducts her Life-Coaching-Online services over the phone, with Skype, or on FaceTime, calls herself the “off-grid lady”, because she lives her own life outside the limiting boundaries of the “shoulds”!

You can change your life now….Allow Barb to support you in stepping into your dreams with enthusiasm and excitement with a free consultation.

Shine the Light of Truth on Shame
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“It is the creative potential itself in human beings, that is the image of God.” Mary Daly

“I love having a coach. I feel supported and empowered in my life. For that half hour a week it is all about me, and it has helps me enormously. Having a person focus totally on my dream and goals has been amazing.”

“Barb is an amazing coach. Her skills are exceptional. I really like the way she has been instrumental in my personal empowerment. I have taken action on a wide range of things in my life. Every time we talk I feel like I’ve accomplished my agenda. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone wanting to move forward in life.” Sheila, Louisville, Ky.