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It will help me to post this.  I have decided the form of my book will be a day by day.  Being a therapist for 30 years and specializing in shame most of this time, I have gotten used to talking in brief snipers about shame.  I day by day will be like talking.

Each month will have the same topic on the same day.  So, for instance, if day one each month is: “what is shame?” then there will be 12 different times I talk about what shame is.  The plan is that the book will be like a spiral.  Each month I will go deeper and deeper into the healing of shame.  It will be a in depth healing journey to the center of your heart.  Living the process with me day by day will lead the reader to a place of fundamental change by the end of the year!

The title will be something like:  Shame Is An Illusion:  Shining the Light of Truth on Shame.

So, I actually have over 200 of the day by days written.  However, a lot of editing will be needed.  Healing shame has been a passion for me since the beginning of my work.  To put it in writing will tie the work up and put a ribbon it.

If you have any ideas, or things that you want to make sure I include, please let me know.  You can put a comment on here, email me, or call me.  In that way it is a collaborative effort!


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  1. Barb, I am so excited that you are blogging and willing to share your expertise with the world. I will most definitely be buying your book.
    This post reminds me of when you would always say that “shame never tells the truth”. Doug, Debbie and I would always say that shame is a lie straight from the pit of hell.
    Keep up the good work. You certainly changed my life and I know countless others. Thank you.

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