Letting “Joy” lead the way

I am starting to not only see the wisdom in letting “Joy” lead the way in my life, but am actually letting “Joy” lead the way.  I am letting joy be a part of everything I do.  If I am not feeling joy doing whatever I am doing, then I stop.

I recently closed my counseling practice and moved to Albuquerque.  I am resting and looking at: what next.  Sometimes I come up with an idea that comes from fear.  It sounds something like, “I am fearful I won’t have a good enough financial retirement, so I will do ________ because I can make more money.”  Now, there is nothing wrong with the idea, and because fear motivates it, there is no joy.  What I know for my self is:  I deserve to live in joy and to enjoy my moments, work and all.  So the question I asks myself is:  If I am not operating from fear, and I just let myself do what I enjoy, what will it be?”

When we live our lives in joy, the shame is not there.  When I live in fear and make choices from that fear, I live in shame.

Reminder:  Whether I believe it or not, I deserve to live in joy.  What choices will I make if joy leads the way in my life?

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