“Ought, Should, Must, Have To”

If you check my past blogs you will see me rant on about “should”.  I have really suggested releasing it from your vocabulary and consciousness.  It just sets up shame.  Well, I am expanding and suggesting releasing the words, “ought, should, must, have to” from your vocabulary and consciousness.


Those words keep us from owning our power of choice.  It is in owning our power of choice that we truly step into our own personal power and out of shame.  Each and every moment we are choosing our reality. We are responsible for the world we see.  That does not mean that I am responsible for what others choose to do, but I am responsible for how I respond to them and the world.  It is in owning our power to choose that we can begin to experience peace instead of upset.  It is hard to really own this because we live in an ego construct in our world which constantly reinforces the belief that we are the “victims” of the world we see. ”  The way to stay a victim is to not own our choices.

This does not mean we beat ourselves up when we don’t own our choices or find ourselves experiencing being a victim.  It means we notice, turn in the direction of kindness and love, and look at our choices in responding.  Ask:  Would I rather have this experience of upset or peace?

Gently catch yourself whenever you are using the words, “ought, should, must, and have to”.  Then change the word to “could” and look at your choices.  Consciously choose.  Step into your power.

I hope, for all of us, that we all begin to choose PEACE.

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