Please think about what I am writing.

We say we want PEACE but our language speaks of constant war. I will “fight against. make war on, fight you for, make you wrong so I am right” and on it goes. I “should” instead of “could” and when I don’t I feel like a failure and make war on myself. I criticize and call you “stupid” and make war on you and your beliefs if they are different than mine.

I say I want PEACE but “I MAKE YOU WRONG SO THAT I AM RIGHT” is the action I am shouting out today. It is absolutely possible to stand for something without standing against something else. I can choose a preference. I can cast a vote for. I can speak my opinion and my personal truth and call it “My opinion and my truth” without making you and your opinion wrong and make war against you.

My heart hurts for all the hate I hear. We war on each other with our words and our judgements. It doesn’t have to be this way. I can stand like Gandhi and speak my truth in absolute peace. I can look in your eyes, the eyes of the One Love, and stand for what I believe in and still love you as a brother or sister of a Loving God. Our opinions, our differences do not need to make a war.

We can practice looking into eyes, seeing only the One love and allowing each of us to be different in our beliefs and the same in our hearts.

Barb Tonn

Author of “Shine the Light of Truth on Shame: Daily Reflections.”

Book and sunflowers

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  1. I needed your reminder this morning that I can “stand for without being against.” I felt myself judging others in a Zoom call yesterday but was able to realize with that awareness that I could “take what I liked and leave the rest”. I could choose not to “take offense”. I’m so grateful to have the tools from Shine the Light of Truth on Shame as I navigate my daily encounters in our Shame filled world.

    1. Thanks Jean. I love the idea of “take what I like and leave the rest behind.” I think we could use it in many areas of our life! It definitely would add to our peace!

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