Process of Healing

There is a process we experience as we actively bring our shame into healing.  This process will continue throughout our life.  We may get quicker at catching when we are in shame and be able to utilize our tools more quickly in intervention, but healing is still an ongoing process.

We go from not knowing our rights and choices to learning and living by our rights and making conscious choice in all areas of our life.

We go from not knowing our personal limits to learning what they are and being able to set appropriate boundaries according to those limits.

We go from our life being defined by an external judge (they say) to the internal judge (what is my truth according to an internal value system).

We learn that people and relationships are more important than “things”.

We learn that instead of receiving no recognition for “self” or only being defined by what we “do”, we begin to feel “part of” and count ourself equal to others for “being- not doing.”

We learn to take appropriate responsibility for self instead of blame.

We learn to discern shame which feels dishonest and learn to trust our own perceptions which feels honest and helps me define who I am.

We learn to navigate out of problems we cannot reconcile or people we can’t for forgive by learning how to forgive.

We step into peace, freedom, and love, as we navigate out of shame as our definition of self and move into love as the definition of self.

It is a journey well worth taking!

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