Shame- an interference

One of my friends calls shame, “the biggest interference on the planet at this time!”

I think that speaks volumes.

What does shame interfere with?

  • Knowing the essence of our being is love and peace
  • Being able to forgive self for mistakes
  • Being able to forgive others for mistakes
  • Extending love
  • Living in a peaceful space with ourselves and others
  • Knowing our rights and other peoples’ rights
  • Being in the now
  • Taking responsibility for our choices and being able to change our minds and choose again
  • Basic trust
  • Basic compassion

This is just the beginning of what shame interferes with.  However, if you look at the list I have started you will see that what shame interferes with is what is good and what would move our world in the direction of healing.


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  1. Thanks so much for pointing our the specifics of the interferences. Sometimes its hard to know, since shame’s shenanigans can be so sneaky! Great stuff!

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