Shame is an Interference

One of my wise friends calls shame, “the biggest interference on the planet at this time.”

What does it interfere with?

  • Knowing that the true essence of each person is love.
  • Forgiving ourselves for our mistakes.
  • Forgiving others for their mistakes.
  • Extending love.
  • Living in a peaceful space with self and others.
  • Knowing and honoring our personal rights and other peoples’ rights.
  • Living in the NOW.
  • Taking responsibility for our choices.
  • Basic trust.
  • Compassion toward self and others.
  • Accepting self and being good enough as we are.
  • Valuing our relationships.
  • Kindness.
  • Honesty.

Shame interferes with what is good and with what moves us in the direction of healing.

If we experience what feels like interference in our lives, we might want to be curious which inner voice we are listening to. Is it the voice of shame or the voice of love?

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