Hi there!

I am a little excited tonight.  I am close to singing in the Pyromaniac Cafe this Sunday.  I have worked so very hard at learning a different language (working with a back-up band), learning my lyrics, oh- and learning to sing.  I have fire walked fears and am ready.  I am more than ready.  I am excited.  I have moved past caring if I make a mistake or look foolish, to just wanting to sing and have fun.  That is quite a big accomplishment for 5 rehearsals.  Now, I can imagine the night of the performance I will have dry mouth and be nervous.  But, I am doing it.

What does this have to do with my shame blog?  Well, go back to my March 5th blog and it will make more sense.

The older I get the more dedicated I feel to just being who I am, quirks and all.  I don’t feel like shame leads the way.  I am having fun, challenging myself, not really letting the “should” or the “they say” make one iota of difference.  It is quite freeing.

Showing up at the fire walk, the Pyromaniac Cafe, stopped being about singing and started being about having fun and checking off another bucket list item.


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