Summer is here


It is Saturday and a lovely day in Albuquerque.  I still cannot believe I live here.  After 27 years in Colorado is seems so strange.

I am learning about the local plants.  It is very different here than at 7800′ in Westcliffe.  The ground, however, is not very hospitable to a vegetable garden.  So, I am building some above ground gardens for the vegetables.  I am quite excited.  I was traveling so much before that I could not do a garden.  Now I can!!

There is a plant here called, Broombrush.  It has the most amazing yellow flowers that smells like heaven.  The day we bought our house we went and purchased one to honor the occasion.  That was 2 1/2 years ago.  This morning I noticed the first of the blossoms was out.  The bush will bloom for about a month.  So, that is quite exciting for me.

For me, to get out and work in the gardens is very therapeutic, and fun.  I have a yard full of projects that will take years to complete.  Fine with me.  For those reading my blog to learn about shame and healing it, this is definitely a healing technique.  Get out, and focus on something outside yourself.  Get your hands dirty.  Smell the earth.  Shame takes us internal.  Gardening takes us out of that thought spiral that can be hard to break.  So, if you are in a shame spiral and can get outside, do something in nature.  It doesn’t have to be gardening.  But, whatever you are doing, put your focus into that project or that footstep if you are walking.  It can make a lovely difference in your day!

Back to the garden.  No, I think I will go get breakfast with my honey.

Peaceful day to you!

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