The “sweetness” in me beholds the “sweetness” in you.

The “light” in me beholds the “light” in you.

The “highest” in me beholds the “highest” in you.

Saying any of these moves us in a direction other than shame.  When we are mirroring our shame based world we usually are saying something akin to, “the worst in me beholds the worst in you.”  We grow up being taught to be discerning.  What that often means is to make sure you notice if someone is leading you down the wrong path or is about to hurt you or take advantage of you.  So, we look for the worst in others.  Well, I am not saying to walk down dark allies, or to not have an awareness of evil intent.  What I am saying is:  “When you are seeking to be more loving in this world, seeking to be in relationship, then look past the surface to the “sweetness, light, highest” that is in everyone”.  If I seek that, look for that, watch for that, then I must first see it in myself.  I extend from that point and find that outside.

The way we live in this world, at least until we truly on a conscious healing path, is the exact opposite of loving.  We are pulled off love by failing to look  beyond the surface of others, or self.

I can take care of myself and have discernment and still look for, or seek, the best in others.  If you did this for awhile, starting with yourself, you would begin to see through completely different eyes and see a very different world.

What if the essence of who we are, and everyone is, is love?  What if we looked for that and took care of ourselves from that perspective?

(Challenge- Next time you are around someone who seems particularly difficult, say  to yourself:” the highest in me beholds the highest in you.”  Just notice what happens.  Be curious.)

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  1. What a lovely invitation to check out your blog. I needed this reminder about beholding the highest in others…also the question Do I want Peace? I was getting grumpy earlier and decided I could begin my day over and I did. Then this blog invitation helped me to take my day up several levels. Thank You! Jean

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