The voice of kindness

One of the things I encourage people to do when healing from shame is to begin to discern the different voices in their head.  The voice of shame is harsh and unkind.  It may sound like truth, but only because you have heard it your whole life and have become identified with your shame core.  The voice of Love is kind and supportive.  It builds you up and NEVER tears you down.  It is a voice that is always there but often has not been truly heard or acknowledged.

Usually the voice of shame enters more dominantly on the left or right side of your head and the voice of Love will enter on the other side.  As you begin to listen, the voice of Love may sound very soft and be hard to hear.  That is because you are not used to listening for it or hearing it.

As you listen to the voices in your head and discern which voice you are hearing, you can begin to develop the “ears” to hear the voice of kindness.  When you hear the voice of shame you can then literally turn your head in the opposite direction.  As you do so, ask yourself, “what would the voice of love or kindness say to me if I was listening?”  Then be still and listen.  Love comes in stillness.  It is peaceful.  It is kind.  It is worth listening for and it is worth listening to!

You can ask a question and listen to how the voice of shame responds.  You can ask a question and listen to how the voice of Kindness responds.  To heal from shame we become willing to listen to the voice of love, even if we don’t believe it at first.

A little willingness goes a long way.

Peace to your heart.


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  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of the truth of the love that we are. So many times I hear the old voice of shame and realize how much of myself I have identified with it. I am grateful for this wonderful reminder to listen to the love, and to keep listening as it grows louder and clearer.

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