Theme for the year

It seemed important this year to have a theme.  I decided to make it “miracles”.  I know they are a constant, and I can get busy and not notice them.  When I think of “miracles”, I think of noticing kindnesses and expressions of love.  I want that to be my primary focus.

This morning  I was sitting and writing in my journal where I write down the miracles I notice.  I was alone at home and became aware of my wonderful animals and the love they constantly show.  The love is unconditional and never not there.

A couple of weeks ago I said “good-bye” to my sweet cat, Beethoven.  He was a light orange pile of love.  He was as gentle as a cat can be.  He’d pat my face with his paw and purr and purr.  He cleaned my golden retriever and my other cat.  I miss him.  He taught me a lot about love.  If my other cat, Simon, wanted to sit where he was, he’d just move over.  Nothing was a big deal.  In the Course in Miracles there is a lesson- In my defenselessness my safety lies.  That was Beethoven.  He was a good teacher for me.

I have a new cat.  He has this quizzical face and it makes me laugh.  To be so curious and light hearted is a miracle.  He is another gentle spirit.  I think Beethoven helped me find him.  I got him for Simon.   He was moping around without Beethoven.  It has only been a couple of days and these two are already playing.  I think that is a miracle and I am grateful to be watching them.

So, Abbie- my golden, Simon- my character cat, and Sammie- my new friend are the first entries in my “miracle” journal for the year.  That is a good place to start.

I am glad I have a theme for the year.  To notice love and kindness is good for me to do .  I hope all of you out there have a blessed year and find miracles each moment.

With love, Barb

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