What is coaching on healing shame?

I call myself a healing shame coach.  What is this exactly?  Coaching is about helping people step into their lives, dreams, a different way of being in the world.  I help people step out of the limititations shame places on them and help them step into all they can be.  Shame is the inner belief that one is limited and/or undeserving of their dreams.  It will stop one from dreaming and stop one from believing you can have your dreams.  I help people to recognize shame for what it is and to begin to believe a different inner voice.  I coach them in the life that can be lived when one does not listen to shame, but listen to a loving, peaceful, joyful inner voice.  That voice is in each of us, but we often cannot hear it due to the loudness and familiarity of the shame voice.  We have to learn to listen to the voice of love on the inside.  It is not always easy, and our shame will do everything it can to stop us, but it is possible.  It is possible if we are willing to begin to believe that there is another way of being in this world.  As a coach I help people step into this other way of being in the world- to step out of shame- and to live in a truth of joy and peace and inner contentment. 

Shame is so loud and familiar that we often need help in recognizing it and listening to a different voice.  That is what I do- I help people to listen for and to a different voice. 

I don’t think most of us can do this without an outer witness, a person who can hold us in deep respect and care.  When our shame is exposed in this way, it can be healed and we can become all that we, in truth are. 

I love doing this work with people.  I love being present for people as they do the deep, loving work with themselves.  It is such an honor and so deeply rewarding to be present with people as they heal from a sense of shame and become all they can be.

Daily reminder-  Two or more people creates a very different energy for healing.  Shame lives in the quiet of our soul, and when exposed in the presence of another, loving person, it cannot persist.  Coaching provides this opportunity.

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