When shame hits

I was talking to a brilliant woman today.  She had gone into shame over something and immediately felt like a fraud.  When shame hits it takes you out at the knees.  It can convince you that you don’t know anything about something you are quite knowledgeable in.  It can get into your head and interfere on forward movement.  It can speak in a voice that is familiar and sounds so true.  If you don’t identify that it is the voice of shame, it can have its way with you.  If you can catch that it is shame, you can use your tools to intervene on it.  Remember, it is never true.

Let yourself identify the shame and what it is telling you.  Then claim a truth, whether you believe it or not.  It may sound something like:  “Whether I believe it or not I am a knowledgeable, competent person who knows a lot about ________.”


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